Communication through languages

Languages are a key tool for global communication. At 4D Lab we go beyond the traditional training program concept, by customizing all the services we offer.

Gourmet service: Tailor-made classes

Whether for one-to-one classes or in-company groups, lesson content is designed based on the needs, time constraints, and interests of students. Our language training combines flexibility, adaptability, and originality. Courses and materials have been especially created to accompany students’ personal and professional growth and are focused on content-based learning.


Studying abroad

4D Lab represents Uruguay at: NESE (US) REGENT (UK), CanPacific College (Canada) and York Associates (England).

Translation and interpretation

We have a team of experienced sworn translators (English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish) for official and non-official translations of documents, agreements, deeds, articles, resumes, journals, web pages, etc.

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