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What we do

What we do


Diversity, equity and inclusion

Regenerative Development


We have developed different projects
in the following organizations

  • We created the Latin American Festival of Inclusive Economy, Incluir para Crecer (Include to Grow).

  • We support the Foundational Ecosystem Leadership Program organized by the U-school for transformation by Presencing Institute.

  • We co-created together with Esencia Ecosistémica, 3 Vectores, Liga de Intraemprendedores, Economía del Bien Común and Ana Rubio participatory processes, the event Uruguay Emerge.

Our effort and dedication have been recognized by the following:

  • B - Inclusive Economy

    B Lab: Inclusive Economy Changemaker


    Recognition for competing for the prize “Talent has no gender

  • DERES - Empresas por el desarrollo sostenible

    SME committed with the SDGs in the category goal achievement and inspiring practice

    2020 - Special Award for Reaction in Times of Pandemic.
    2021 - SME committed to the SDGs in advanced category and inspiring practice.
    2022 - Advanced compliance: "Towards Cultures of Inclusion" - recognized as "Practice that improves company competitiveness".

  • Altus +

    Registered with Altus+ as an impact service

Empathy, openness and transformation are some words that summarize the impact that 4D Lab's awareness talks had on the organization. They really made us rethink ourselves as individuals and as a society. We highlight the openness and willingness they had to customize these instances according to the moment in which the organization was. A very warm, human and professional work.

Eloísa Peluffo

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Analyst, CREDITEL

We appreciate and highlight 4D lab contributions in the path towards a diverse and inclusive organizational culture, through awareness talks with a human and professional approach, achieving a positive impact on everyone.
We invite companies to embark on this path and include diversity and inclusion in their strategy, to build together a better society.

Florencia Gutiérrez

Talent Management and Organizational Culture, CREDITEL

We thank Mercedes and the entire 4D lab team for accompanying us on the road to inclusion, understanding our way of doing things, needs and adapting their proposals to them.
They have advised and trained us with great professionalism, but above all we highlight the sensitivity, commitment and great human warmth with which they have inspired and supported us every step of the way.

Eliana Leguisamo

General Manager - Guyer & Regules

Mercedes and Magda gave us a workshop of learning and connection. A workshop that mobilized and sensitized us. A workshop that allowed us to understand even more about the richness of diversity, to become aware of it, and based on this to be able to act and take action to continue building together a more inclusive workplace.

Maria Belén Regueira

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, PwC Uruguay

In 4D lab we found a team of wonderful people who, in a very professional, careful and close way, help us to walk the path of inclusion in our company. From the experience, understanding and desire to transform, they teach us and inspire us contemplating our times and processes.
It is a pleasure to share this path together!

Mariela Baraibar

Head of People and Culture - Montes del Plata

4D Lab is what we think of when we want to address issues of inclusion.
They provide excellent advice tailored to the needs that arise, with accessible workshops that facilitate the approach to the subject.

Nelly Beguerie

Teacher of the Interdisciplinary Continuing Education Program, UTEC

The 4D Lab team accompanies us on the path of inclusion within the bank in a personalized and careful way, which allows us to move forward safely thinking about the development of people and teams.

Adriana Boschi

People, Volunteering and Diversity Area - Banco Itaú

Commitment, good atmosphere and relationship, and knowledge about the needs of people and companies, are the main characteristics of 4D training programs. In real life, you see the excellent results.

Cr.Roberto de Luca

Former Managin Partner, Deloitte. Executive Director at the Association of Private Banks of Uruguay

We thank 4D lab for the brilliant workshop they delivered, and for the opportunity to think about ourselves in relation to others, from their different contexts and cultures (national, generational, organizational, etc.)

Lic. Fabiana Hernandez-Abreu

b_IT Program Director People Talent Executive. CUTI (Chamber of Uruguayan IT companies)

When I think of language training 4D is always the reference for its professionalism, support and closeness. At 4D I feel like an important client.

Lic. Magdalena Delpiazzo

Human Resources, Endomarketing – Banco Itaú

4D is always open to adapt to what we need and want. 4D training sessions make our people feel more prepared, more motivated and generates many more opportunities for them.

Daniel Mendiverry

Global Commercial Manager, Semanario Búsqueda y Revista Galeria

I want to highlight the support received by 4D that has allowed us as an organization, to establish relationships with multilateral organizations, with international experts, participate in congresses, present papers and develop projects with counterparts in other languages.

Ec. Sylvia Amado

Former National Director of Cadastre, Ministry of Economy and Finance

The key to 4D is personalization, each training is prepared especially for me, for what I need with updated and modern materials.

Pablo Cesar Garcia

Data strategy manager Banco BCI Chile. Former New Technologies Manager, Microsoft

4DLAB's professional support was key in our path of inclusion, sharing their experiences and strengthening our values.

Maria Laura Giachero

People and Diversity Manager, Banco Itaú


We believe in collaboration and in the strategic power of alliances

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We want to expand beyond our borders!

That’s why we’re offering online courses and workshops,
so that people and organizations will be able to access information
about the issues close to our hearts and minds,
and so begin a journey towards an in-depth transformation.