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Towards an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem

Guide to design and develop trainings, events, programs and materials with a gender perspective, that include all the diversity and be accessible to people with disabilities.

Within the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, with the support of the National Development Agency and in contribution to the Uruguay Entrepreneur Network, from the Union of Exporters of Uruguay, the Municipality of Colonia and 4D lab, we want to make available this resource compiled by our institutions, with the collaboration of Mariné Villalba Crespo and Harto Estudio, to continue amplifying the impact of our actions.

It is a guide that states:

    tips for inclusive communication.
    Inclusive language oriented to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    Basic guidelines for accessibility in communication.
    Design of inclusive events and trainings.

This work is taken up from a first exchange between various institutions of the ecosystem that participated in the Inclusion and Gender Table of the Uruguay Entrepreneur Network, where they proposed to provide tools to move towards a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Taking advantage of instruments available in the ecosystem to promote entrepreneurial culture, part of the institutions that participate in the roundtable, we resumed work to bring it closer not only to institutions that support entrepreneurship but to the entire socio-productive sector as a contribution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to a more inclusive country.

You can download the guide here

Reference: Guía para la inclusión